We put on a light, turn on the heat, take out the garbage, drive our car to work, buy food at the local grocery store, and buy a new flat screen TV. And, life is good. Why would we think otherwise?

We look out our door, and the world seems fine. But all those activities, which inhabit our daily life, have consequences.

Coal, natural gas, and oil are extracted from the earth and burned for energy to power our cars, heat our homes, and provide electricity. They also contribute to all the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere that create climate change.

We need to get off fossil fuels and create a renewable and sustainable infrastructure with solar and wind.

Our soil is being depleted, we are over fishing, and our rainforests, among many other resources, are being depleted to the point of extinction. We must protect the resources we have or they won’t be here for us to sustain life.

So, it is critical to know what is going on with the planet in order to do something about it. We need to understand how climate change happens and how our everyday activities contribute to it.

And, there are solutions! There are concrete things all of us can do to help get our planet healthy again.

There are plenty of resources, information, documentaries, and everyday solutions to learn about and share with your family and friends.
Taking care of our planet is something everyone needs to take seriously.

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